Saturday, March 23, 2013

Enhance Time Management Skills - Recognize Your Biggest Obstacles

The desire to improve time management skills is coveted by many if recent searches on the Internet are even a remotely accurate assessment of this desire.
From the Internet and all the local public workshops and seminars, there appears that many are desirous of learning time management skills. So if the desire is great and the supply is equally great, then why do so many people still have time management challenges?
First, time management is not about managing time since time is a constant. Finally, time management is truly about self-management or self leadership skills.
If we begin to improve time management skills by looking at time management through a different perspective, we then can begin to realize positive behavioral changes. From these changes, we can see improved results.
After speaking to and working with hundreds of individuals, I have come to realize that to improve time management skills requires that we must have a proven goal setting process and a written goals action plan. Poor attitudes are demonstrated through poor behaviors.
Because self leadership skills are weak such as decision making, prioritizing, communicating, etc., these deficiencies have a negative impact on the ability to improve time management skills When a plan is put in place to improve self leadership skills, time management skills will also improve.
If you want to improve your time management skills, then look to:
Committing your goals to writing and putting them into a goals action plan
Developing self leadership skills that will support your ability to handle change
Developing self leadership skills that will support your ability to handle change

By identifying and removing these obstacles, you will improve time management skills and have a much more successful life.
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