Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time Management Training Is Crucial for Achievement

Living a successful life requires that you actively engage all aspects of yourself, but if you're always running around putting out fires and living in chaos, success may seem impossible. Learning time management skills will not only help you with your career successes but also your personal life successes.
It's a limited resource -- Many things are limited, but nothing is more limited than time.

It won't come back -- You can't get back lost time.

It can be managed -- You can use this limited resource better by managing your time responsibly.

When you are efficient at managing your time, suddenly you will have the ability to implement your fresh ideas at work, spend uninterrupted time with friends and family, and truly capture every moment of pleasure from your life.

Time management skills can lessen your stress exponentially because you will be able to streamline your days.Allowing periodic reprieves from stress can make it easier to deal with stressors as they happen because it won't be a constant condition of your life.

Identifying priorities -- Priorities are the things that matter most to you and enhance your life. It could be spending time with family, having a pleasant workplace, leading a healthy lifestyle, or any number of important things. Priorities are also the way you order tasks and manage your schedule. You should have a list of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly priorities at work. Put these in your work calendar first, then work backwards inputting tasks that you must accomplish each day to meet your top priorities.

Setting goals -- Instead of just thinking about goals, write them down just like the priorities above, working backwards by scheduling in tasks that will help you reach your goal. Set only one big long-term goal at a time, which will translate into several short-term goals, which will become daily tasks.

Creating schedules -- Each day you should have a written schedule of events, goals, and tasks to complete that will help you reach your objectives.

Life without priorities, goals, and schedules is a life of chaos, stress, and merely survival, and none of those conditions breed success. Identify your priorities, set goals, and schedule yourself to thrive.

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