Monday, April 8, 2013

The Three Top Timely Tips to Improve Your Energy

It's fascinating to explore what captures people's imagination each year. These 3 topics received an overwhelmingly positive response:
3 Top Timely Tips
1. Mastering All 6 Essential Stages of Change Helps Maintain Effective Time Choices.
Understanding Prochaska's model about 6 stages of change can help prepare you to undergo profound changes in tumultuous times. Here are a few tips:
· Pay close attention to dissatisfaction - it may be your first signal that important changes need to be made.
· Let your understanding of what's needed evolve over time. Weighing pros and cons thoroughly helps you foresee long-term consequences and prepare accordingly.
· Never confuse initiating with maintaining change. And allocate enough time and energy to turn fresh choices into healthy habits.

2. Revitalize Your Productivity and Enthusiasm by Using "The 3 Gratitudes" Exercise.
"The 3 Gratitudes Exercise" demonstrates your profound power to transform your energy immediately. Each night, right before sleep, list at least 3 things you feel grateful for. These blessings can be anything you notice and appreciate. Review and learn from your lists. Your actual power in the here and now evolves in significant ways:
· You become more alive to the miracle of the moment.
· You discover what you appreciate, and what you routinely overlook.
· You build your capacity to express gratitude, which enriches relationships.

3. Establish Boundaries to Safeguard Your Time and Energy.
Boundaries are absolutely essential to enact effective time management skills. They hold your priorities and protect them from others' demands and distractions. And, you can learn to set and maintain effective boundaries through practice and repetition. Here are 3 reasons that this discipline is worth all the assertiveness and social skills it requires!
· Strong boundaries build confidence and focus. Saying no to distractions is saying yes to your priorities. Once you have firmly committed to your plans, you gain essential traction to move through your day.
· You shape your life through your boundaries. Assuming this level of responsibility for your time choices multiplies your chances for success! And you won't feel overextended.
· Setting boundaries can be a risk that clarifies important relationships. Clearly stating what you will and will not do can inspire others to be more straightforward, too. Notice how freeing it is to stop second-guessing what people really mean!
Understanding the dynamics of change, intensifying your awareness of what inspires your gratitude and learning how to say no are phenomenal energy boosters. Use them to build trust in yourself and in the world around you, as you become more congruent, more aware and more focused.
Now, what can you do today to transform your relationship with time?
Article Source: EzineArticles